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A young man in a red Cornershop shirt smiles while holding a banana to his ear, pretending it's a phone.
An iPhone displaying the Cornershop app with the message "We've received your order" and an image of an avocado wearing yellow sunglasses surfing a wave in Puchuncaví.
A magazine photograph shows a woman posing with a tote bag that reads "Happiness is living a chinchilla life." Also visible is an illustration of a chinchilla enjoying an afternoon of reading at home.

Courtesy of Uber, Inc.

We designed Cornershop to give eight countries more free time by ordering through a simple, intuitive, and accessible app. We collaborated with shoppers, stores, and brands to achieve this by integrating services and technology.

We learned how to build a brand focused on meticulous attention to detail and constantly seeking ways to delight customers.

Despite the discontinuation of the service, now integrated into Uber Eats, customers still remember Cornershop for its quality and distinctive features, like the humorous designs on every bag.

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